Apple Butter Order

Here you can pre-order Apple Butter.

Schedule for Making Apple Butter

For anyone coming in new since last fall, (and to refresh the memory of others), here are the facts about our big fundraiser for the year, our Apple Butter Making Project October  19th -21h.  There’s always something for people of all ages to do.  JAY POWELL [

CELL 540-327-3118 and  DEBORAH WALKER []Home (540)667-6711      Cell (540)664-0908  will be taking the orders for Apple Butter and it can  be ordered by phone, by email, through the church web site  or in person.  Web site  http All new Jars, which are purchased by the UMM, will be used this year.  Pints are discouraged and if you order them, you must furnish your    own new Jars.  The price of apple butter this year is $10.00 qt., $5.00   pt.             PLEASE GET YOUR ORDERS IN EARLY!!

This year, on a date to be determined , we will start to gather around 8:30,  pickers will meet at the orchard behind Walmart, Route 50, to pick about 65 bushels of apples.  Crates are provided, but please bring a bucket to pick into.  This is always a family affair.  All ages are welcome!  We will pick rain or shine!  The apples will be stored, then taken to the peeling garage on Thursday, October 19th, the day the peeling process begins.  The men usually begin the peeling process about 8:30 AM, but there are always women and youth who come to help.  The sides of the shelter will be dropped and canvas placed across a part of the shelter to insure comfort while sitting and working.  The fireplace will be ready for fire, which always feels good as the temperature drops outside.  We have special peelers up in the building near the shelter area.  As they come off the peelers they are put in plastic bags and placed back in the crates and taken down to the shelter where the quartering and “cleaning up” of the apples takes place.  This step begins at 9:00 a.m.  Many hands are needed for this step.  Everyone who can is encouraged to come and help, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.  The more help we have, the easier it is on everyone.  Bring a couple of big pans and a sharp knife and maybe a comfortable chair.  It really is a social event, even fun!  The ladies will bring soup, hot dogs, buns, drinks and desserts to tide us over until the “hour has come” to go home.

On Friday morning, the 20th, the kettles will be set and a canopy put over the kettles to protect the precious product from leaves, etc.  Next step, washing the apples  9 AM, which is a very demanding job and help is always appreciated; some women have also come to help.  By this time, it’s time for these loyal workers to go home, get something to eat and sleep awhile before coming back around midnight to begin the cooking.  All ages meet to begin the project at midnight, which is the hardest part.  Lighting the fires, putting the apples in the kettles and stirring is also a demanding job!  About 20-30  helpers are needed at midnight.  A few brave women and the dedicated youth get in on this part and work through the night to get it all started.

Early Saturday morning, about 5:00 a.m., about  a hearty breakfast will be ready for all the workers.  After working throughout the night on donuts and coffee, the 6:00 a.m. call to breakfast, in shifts, of course, is a welcome invitation.  Everyone is welcome to eat!  By this time, relief help has come to give the early crew a break.  The apples are now easier to stir.  The sun is up and, hopefully, it’s a pleasant, sunny day to finish the process.  BUT, the project must be finished, regardless of the weather.  The ladies will have brought soup, hot dogs, barbecue, buns, desserts, drinks, etc.  (When we work, we eat)!  Lunch is usually early, so we can get the tables cleaned up and get the area cleared for the jars that will be placed on the tables, ready for filling.  Through experience, at just the right time, the sugar will be added (about 100# + to each kettle!).  Then at just the right time, the spices will be added and very quickly it will be ready to take off.  We have two special dispensers with cut-off valves for filling the jars.  There are two assembly lines and everything must be done quickly to get the apple butter in the jars and lids screwed on tight.  NO jars of butter will be taken by purchaser until ALL butter has been jarred and released.  This cuts down on confusion and allows for an accurate count of butter made.  All butter taken home must be recorded by the order-taking team.  There’s usually “oohs and aahs” after sampling the apple butter on rolls!  It’s the best apple butter in the land!  Just ask us – and others, too!  While some people are working in the assembly line, several of the men are cleaning up the kettles as they become empty.  Then everything must be cleaned up, some utensils taken up to the church as well as the orders by people who aren’t there to pick it up. The project is headed by Keith Roberts & Eddie Cooper.

A big project for a small church?  You bet!  It takes dedicated people who want to see it carried on.  We have a wonderful reputation for our apple butter and hope it will continue for many years.  Let’s set aside the time that it takes for this once-a-year effort and continue this project in the same united way.  So many programs in our church benefit from its profits. All apple butter not taken on Saturday will be at the church with the order name attached and any left over apple butter will be available for additional sale.


Please order your apple butter early. It may be paid for in advance or you may wait and pay when you pick it up.